1. And this is a Superintendent that says she knows rights????Lesson people behind rights earned, are laws to be upheld. You either get it or you loose it. Follow her and with out her telling you that,,,,you will loose it. You put Laws fist to get rights. Obvious, she didn’t study the constitution. Laws is what brings us rights. Vogel did you smoke a joint before that speech.You sure had a nervous tone to your voice. Stop putting the carte before the horse. Bring your sick and weak. sure,,,but there a laws to be up held to your welcome.

  2. Elnife,,,,,what do you think if a student said GOD thank you, When I was a teenager and wanted a license to drive I had to study the laws,rules of the road even to take a test , and then exhibit a practical driving test. Then I had to pass both of them. It wasn’t a right, till I earned it. Then after that to keep it, I didn’t have the right to go 50 in a school zone, or 35 in a 25mph zone. How about you? Personally I think those students are in the best time of their lives to study for the future and jobs galore. The h— with all this Political steering of hers and be happy for what opportunities they can have ahead of themselves. Let them decide when they have done they studying, and are secure in job placement to what side of the aisle they wish to participate.

  3. Larry Peck,,,,what a MAN!!!!!!! TRUTH,,and it took you to show the way. Mr. Peck when the time comes, would you please come out of retirement and be the Superintendent of our Region?

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