This, my friends, is how new technology is added to a high school….. Officials Distribute iPads To Glastonbury High School Freshmen, Sophomores By PETER MARTEKA. Hartford Courant, July 22, 2013 1

Some interesting points in the article….
At the start of the school year next month, more than 1,100 students at the high school will have iPads for personal use. According to Brian P. Czapla, director of educational technology, teachers have been preparing to use the devices over the past year. They have participated in professional development sessions, visiting schools where iPads are in use and holding “appy hours” where educators learn about various applications for the devices. (In our talks with teachers at Housatonic, this never happened at Housy over the past year….)

We learned from a lot of [school systems] who bought iPads over the summer and just gave them to kids and the infrastructure couldn’t support it and it was a disaster,”

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  1. Most teachers in region 1 are poorly or not trained on ipads, I know of one whos biggest acccomplishment was solitare and e-mail.

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