Ricky Don’t Lose That Number……… 1

We guess Region 1 has cut off. Robin Hood Radio from delivering immediate, important information to area residents. Again this morning no notification of an early dismissal ..third time in 7 storms. It was called into Channel 3, Channel 30, Channel 8….but locally, no. It follows with the fact that they would not utilize us when there was an emergency at the high school. Grant thinking Region 1, don’t notify your ONLY LOCAL SOURCE of instantaneous news. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! I just received a call at 9:00 AM from Sam Herrick. informing me of the early dismissal…. Channel 3, 30, 8 all received calls around 7:40 AM…..Sorry, no excuse works here..if you make three calls, it just takes a second to make that 4th call.

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