A quick response to my FOI request from Falls Village after reading The Republican-American this morning…. 1

I think the readers of Region One Report will find this very interesting…..

This morning (Monday at 7 AM, after reading the Republican American story on the Joint Agreement, I requested documentation from Falls Village. This is what I received a little after 9 AM this morning. I think you will find it interesting….

Good Morning Marshall:

Per your request, please find all the documents regarding Attorney Frederick Dorsey’s opinion of the the proposed joint employment agreement put forth by Gary Brochu, Regional School District #1’s attorney.  These documents include: 1.  a cover memorandum explaining Attorney Dorsey’s concerns about Mr. Brochu’s document.  2.  a second document containing the original language of Mr Brochu’s proposal and how Attorney Dorsey believes it should be modified to become legally defensible, meet all statutory requirements and to also achieve the goal that the ABC committee indicated they wanted, which was in the end, to leave the selection of the superintendent in the hands of each of the 7 Boards of Education, not a select few people who have no legal obligation to those Boards;  3. a document which is a clean copy of a proposed joint employment agreement suggested by Attorney Dorsey to achieve the goals the ABC committee indicated that they desired in this matter, which in addition creates a legally defensible document.  As you can ascertain Attorney Dorsey invited the various Boards chairs an opportunity to ask questions for any necessary clarification.

The additional two documents, one dated 4.4.15  answers questions and clarifies some items in Attorney Dorsey’s original memorandum dated 3.26.15  and sent to the Board chairs on 3.31.15, per the request of Lara Mittaud, chair of the Canaan Board of Education.   The last document is Attorney Dorsey’s biography which spells out Attorney Dorsey’s qualifications as an education attorney.

You can download the documents by clicking on them below (they are Word documents)

FRV – Supt Contract – Preface to Joint Agreement (00066278)FRV – Joint Employment Agreement 3-2015 rev 1 clean (00066348)4.4.15 CFV – Joint Agreement – Dorsey Memo to Canaan BOE 4-4-15 (00066493)-2

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  1. Kudos to First Selectwoman Pat Mechare for her prompt response to your request for documents, Marshall. Region 1 Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain could learn a lot from her. Chamberlain, by contrast, usually waits until the fourth day after receiving a request for documents even to acknowledge receipt of the request. She fulfills the letter but not the spirit of the law. But then again, no one ever touted Chamberlain for her spiritual awareness. . .
    –Gale Courey Toensing

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