Huh, again a possible last minute change in the budget proposal idea to cut an English teacher from Sharon’s representative to the Region One Board? You have to be kidding me ! I guess he does not know what happened the last time the board tried something like this at the last minute?! 4

Just plain and simple…. a dumb last minute surprise idea on the budget from the Sharon representative….(made the meeting a whole lot longer!)

( Looking to save chump change after the ABC and Board decided to “retire” an administration member to the tune of somewhere between $100,000 and $200,000 this year….lets spend money on EDUCATORS not bungled administration policy).


  1. in region 1 you have declining enrollment some has to bite the bullet (so to speak) and reduce staff and when they retire is the less painful way

    • George…I might agree, but the fact that the previous board and the current board and ABC wasted almost $400,00.00 o n buy-outs and “retirement” packages..all money NOT spent on education, but on horrible administration mistakes.
      And to once again, bring it up at the last minute as they tried two years ago, stinks. They are trying to pay off administration mistakes and mismanagement by removing a teachers position…I say no…take the money from the RSCC.

  2. then you need a new administration that can manage the need to down size not only the high school but also the elementary schools as well Do not think the Sharon rep is trying to protect the administration but is trying to be finically responsible

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