Another Buy Out In Region One…3 In 4 Years! 2

As reported in the Lakeville Journal today, the Cornwall Art Teacher left the school abruptly in May, and then filed a law suit against the region and Cornwall Consolidated School for discrimination. A $40,000.00 buy out, and more was approved so the suit ws dropped. That makes 3 buy outs and three lawsuits int he region in four years…And that does not even include the legal action now between Falls Village and Region One or the loss of the law suit in Kent.  The A.B.C., Region One Board, and Region One administration remain confused, rudderless and they should be ashamed. As the saying used to be: Is this any way to run a railroad?


  1. This is disturbing. What is worse, if the Lakeville Journal reporting is correct, a request for the information was made in late May and at that time the principal denied that a settlement had been reached. According to the article, thought, a vote was taken at a May 20th Board of Education meeting to approve the settlement. It appears that the principal was incorrect about the settlement. Doesn’t the Board or the superintendent inform their administrator/s of what it transpiring? Further he promised to make good on the promise to release the information when it was available. Looks like that didn’t happen either.

    The lawsuit issue is even worse then you think. Go back just a year or so further and Cornwall settled out of court with another staff member. That settlement was kept under the radar as well. Someone ought to FOI that settlement for the details. Over the last five years tens of thousands of dollars have been spent as a result of a secretive “central office” administration whose main goal, it seems, is to hide its incompetence.

    Citizens can expect more of the same as there isn’t the will of the Boards of Education, in general to do their jobs. They simply ignore the obvious in almost everything that has a relationship to the superintendent. Really sad!

    • What about the separation agreement that was agreed upon in October. That was a monetary settlement with legal fees. Come on. How stupid are we as taxpayers to let this keep happening. The ones to blame are the past and present ABC committee and The Region One BOE. Clean house and get people on these boards that can say NO and stop rubber stamping everything.

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