The Times, They Are A Changing….. 1

It’s TRUE! Congrats to Asst Superintendent Pam Vogel..the block changes will not happen next year..and at last night meeting Pam also indicated that parents and teachers will be on committees that formulate a new plan as well!  There will be some changes, but not the 4 X 4 block. Well done Pam, thanks for taking the time to listen and communicate and react with the students, taxpayers, parent and grandparents in Region 1.  This is a new experience in Region 1, as over the past 8 years the public has been excluded and left in the dark more and more.  Now folks, lets get to work, volunteer to participate with teachers and the administration for the future of our region…..its a brave new world in Region 1…and yes it appears The Times They Are A Changing.

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  1. Heads up. She is planning to go through with an A/B Block schedule. She has created a new leadership committee with non-tenured teachers who can’t safely disagree. This was a show. The show is over.

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