An update on Region 1 schedule changes 1

An update on Region 1 schedule changes:

Region One parents and teachers are upset at what appears to be a change of heart on Assistant Superintendent Pam Vogel after the last parents meeting.

Looking back at that last parents meeting videotape, Pam Vogel talks about how the parent and teacher committee will be “that group” to create a schedule. That the schedule will be similar to the current schedule….. how they will have input into the schedule and roll it out a little at a time. But in the notice just posted for the next Region One BOE meeting, the agenda included:

Discussions on Scheduling-Grading
Practices, & Mastery Based Learning

We at Robin Hood Radio have been informed from in-school sources that at yesterday’s faculty meeting, the following was made official: Beginning next fall, there will be four 80 minute blocks a day alternating every other day (A/B). Tonight Pam Vogel has a meeting with a group of eight parents from 6-8pm at the high school. Parents and teachers reached outlate yesterday with their he main source of concern being that quite simply that Vogel closed out thelast public meeting by saying that there would not be a block schedule next year and that any schedule change would be based on input from teachers and parents. To those teachers and parents that appears not to be the case.

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  1. The principal at the high school is its administrator. It is he who should be working with the faculty, students and parent group to determine the best schedule and address any trending of poor grades as is appropriate. The continued interference of the Assistant Superintendent in the day-to-day operation of the high school, continuing the negative pattern of the previous Assistant Superintendent, essentially neutralizes the leadership of the principal. That is extremely unprofessional and counterproductive. This debacle lays at the feet of the Superintendent who has rarely shown any educational leadership. She should put a stop to this and hold the Assistant Superintendent accountable to her word. If she doesn’t, I fear that things will get far worse and the proposed spending plan will be in jeopardy of failing. A “no” vote will be the only way that voters will be able to express their discontent, given the routine pattern of the Board of Education refusing to properly address the issue and ignore the very public that funds the education of the District.

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