1. With respect to Mr. Herrick, that information is only part way accurate. Central Office has gone through an extensive renovation. Maintenance staff was basically directed to upgrade the space over the summer without advanced notice or the time to budget. New furniture has been purchased for multiple offices and the waiting area. And the Superintendent would probably prefer that as few people as possible know about the cost of new furniture for R1 BOE meetings. Existing tables in the library won’t do, apparently, as they are curved and not straight. We’re talking thousands and thousand of dollars here.

    There are some inaccuracies in the letter you received, Marshall, but it gets more right than it does wrong. Superintendent has disrespected the building principal in ways that are hard for anyone who has been witness to her bullying to imagine. He’s got two consultants watching his every move at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. They show up unannounced at faculty meetings, make critical comments about his performance to teachers int he building, and undermine his autonomy at every turn. Everyone knows where this is headed except the principal, I guess.

    New grading system forced on the principal and high school is a disaster, but he is taking the blame for some reason. Superintendent shrieked about poor student performance for most of the last school year. D’s and F’s were the problem, she said. But at end of marking period 1, NYPs \outnumber D’s and F’s by a lot. All Superintendent has done has made the problem worse. High school administration is scrambling to explain it all away, but no one knows why. Whatever happens, super is going to try to force another schedule change on high school . Just watch.

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