1. Typical picture of a true cartoon; Must not have taken a boat safety course because they know so much. No life jackets, didn’t have a back up plan in case of a failure. How long can you tread water??? No shore in the horizon. Call a custodian to clean up your mess again. Oh,,,forgot the radio also,, ????

  2. Contemplate this; by General Joesph F. Danford. ” The key thing in any alliance is the transparency that leads to trust.” Rate yourselfs on the truth of the transparency’s you have created.

  3. Teachers, you are of the highest intelligent teachers above and beyond even our private schools in the area. Your ability and want to teach is paramount. What all has happened in the past year you have now the numbers of what administration doesn’t want. It’s not that you belong to the same Union ,,,,you have bonded together because of this. That is power, you got the numbers, you have the ten-year,,,,,,YOU GOTT THE POOWERR!!!! Don’t be afraid,,,,,when your Right ,,,YOUR RIGHT, and you have the Parents and the students behind you. NOW that is the numbers that = the power. Teach ON!!!! I know you, I have seen you, I have heard your concerns , and that has all been about on thing, the most important thing; THE STUDENTS!!!

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