Now that it has become apparent that the schedule at Housatonic will be changing next year to the 4 x 4 block…….and the reluctance of Pam Vogel to answer that question at last weeks meeting, now leads to this question:

Is it time for the Region One BOE to fire Pam Vogel for incompetence?

We say yes, it is time.

Vogel turns a deaf ear on parents, students, taxpayers and even teachers.

Pam Vogel is the defacto principal of H.V.R.H.S. leaving the principal and assistant to clean up her mess.

Pam Vogel does not understand, or even try to understand Region One as a whole, and especially its teachers, students, residents, its history, and its taxpayers.

Pam Vogel operates a closed administration, wielding her power without forethought, consultation, and patience.

In her short time at the helm the region as a whole is in turmoil, teachers are excluded from decisions, and a more urgent matter…NO TEACHERS attend public meetings to voice their concern over her actions in fear of losing their jobs.

It is time tnow for the taxpayers, students, parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters to resist… it is time to go to the local boards is the time to demand accountability for the superintendent to do what parents and students and teachers want done …if not then it is time for the boards of education to relieve her of her duties as superintendent of schools .

If the board fails to act, then it is time to organize in every town to defeat the Region One Budget until the taxpayers, parents, students and teachers are heard.  It is time for the Region One board to do what their only real job is…supervise the actions of Pam Vogel. It is time for them to say enough is enough. It is time for them to say good-bye to Pam Vogel. There is an assistant in place who knows the region, the teachers, the students..and the history of Region One…..Lisa Carter.

No action by the board should lead to action by taxpayers and their only recourse…defeat the budget until the board acts.

inaction by the board should result in action by the community.12250216-quotes-about-change