Now that it has become apparent that the schedule at Housatonic will be changing next year to the 4 x 4 block…….and the reluctance of Pam Vogel to answer that question at last weeks meeting, now leads to this question:

Is it time for the Region One BOE to fire Pam Vogel for incompetence?

We say yes, it is time.

Vogel turns a deaf ear on parents, students, taxpayers and even teachers.

Pam Vogel is the defacto principal of H.V.R.H.S. leaving the principal and assistant to clean up her mess.

Pam Vogel does not understand, or even try to understand Region One as a whole, and especially its teachers, students, residents, its history, and its taxpayers.

Pam Vogel operates a closed administration, wielding her power without forethought, consultation, and patience.

In her short time at the helm the region as a whole is in turmoil, teachers are excluded from decisions, and a more urgent matter…NO TEACHERS attend public meetings to voice their concern over her actions in fear of losing their jobs.

It is time tnow for the taxpayers, students, parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters to resist… it is time to go to the local boards is the time to demand accountability for the superintendent to do what parents and students and teachers want done …if not then it is time for the boards of education to relieve her of her duties as superintendent of schools .

If the board fails to act, then it is time to organize in every town to defeat the Region One Budget until the taxpayers, parents, students and teachers are heard.  It is time for the Region One board to do what their only real job is…supervise the actions of Pam Vogel. It is time for them to say enough is enough. It is time for them to say good-bye to Pam Vogel. There is an assistant in place who knows the region, the teachers, the students..and the history of Region One…..Lisa Carter.

No action by the board should lead to action by taxpayers and their only recourse…defeat the budget until the board acts.

inaction by the board should result in action by the community.12250216-quotes-about-change



  1. I’m a tax payer and don’t have children in the system. So I put myself in their shoes. I was a very slow learner, I feel to the bone what some of the students are going thru that have a problem learning quickly. In the service I choose trade. I went to school and half way thru we had Electrical/Hydraulics I was bewildered on Electricity, Couldn’t catch it at all. The Chief instructor saw it and had me after class every day. He would say daily if you don’t pass the test,,,,,your out of here. Over and Over he pre tested me. quizzed me. ran into the ground. I got it, it was a tough test. I thanked him on graduation and I meant it. I watched the North Canaan Board Meeting and Mike Ellington made a very good Speech. The gifted students , Please,,,,you can be a big part in helping those that have problems and by not putting them down will certainly help. I watched the Sharon Board meeting and it was very interesting that you have a board chairman at the high school who took the time to look into what big schools like Danbury are going and (AI) Artificial Intelligence is on the move and something to be looked into. I believe that is great because it is tied to your Robotics and the whiz kids and the mechanical kids can work side by side. After your meeting in 133 I wished I had this system in school, because as I said in the service it was tough thru school and maybe if I had it in High School I would have beeb better prepared for my future. You got your meeting, most positive descriptions of the system and it was pointed out that Academics is #1. Heck your still on the team if your NYP. I would have been off the Team when I was in school. That much more reason to look for help and get back playing.
    Turn down the VOTE???? You know what it cost each town to go to Vote each time. Waste of money!! And If the number suggest a lower percentage of students are failing than last year, and (everyone works on numbers) so you must agree,,,it is working. I would say don’t waste money that can be put to better use else were. Just what is the Population of students, teachers, partents? Now what is the percentage of those displeased? Good Luck, always what to see the best for the future of the student.

    • Sorry Al, Pam Vogel is lost in the woods, won’t ask for directions, and refuses to listen to teachers, students, taxpayers and parents. She MUST go. By the way, almost 100 students participated in the protest ( around 23 percent of the student population, and if you were there you would have seen students at just about every door and window looking out to give support. And now hundreds of parents are mad as hell, and taxpayers are lining up to defeat the budget until the 4X4 is taken off the table..and the grading system is fixed.

  2. I did watch it ,,,,and I saw students with posters that did not have anything to do with the Protest. Reason to get out??? But yes civil. One student spoke very good. I can agree with him on several things. Have worked for employer’s that if you didn’t meet sales commission goal you drew from a “Drawer”, the next week you better do not just do your goal but better,, to pay back the “Drawer”. I’ve worked for a Company that if your were a contract person, you got one reprimand and if another followed you were gone, NO EXCUSES. I’ve worked for manufacturing were on the job training was a lengthily procedure, after that you had production quotas. So if A, B, C, D, F are the old stand by, how do they adapt to 1.0,,,,2.0,,,3.0,,,4.0 in college? These look like the same thing, different words, and a longer chance to learn. Maybe that will help them in college, and in the work force because to-day, even out in manufacturing, sales, you still go to schools or take home study courses. Their ability to change course , learn new ways will forever change in today’s work place. Teachers, look at all the schooling they continue on with,,,Nurses , doctors, Auto Mechanics, Farmers new technology’s, service people, just ask your IT people on continued education in the service. Could I handle change in schools,,,,I had to, I hated it, but once out of high school, the schools I choose, I had NO excuses, I choose them, I had to attack them with everything I had, I couldn’t fail myself. Yes I feel for everyone making a change. What if, in 3-4-5- years when everyone will see the biggest difference and it is just mainstream , and more students are going to college, or furthering their education in some way? Was it worth it?? What about the numbers from the meeting of the drop from last year to this year of NYP? Does that say it works? Whatever the course, I don’t think as some say veto the budget will do it…Wasting serval thousands of dollars each time you vote. If the towns have this much money,,,better put into the school systems?????? I heard the A.P. give a very direct description of the plan, I heard the P. give statement Academic’s first. I see an audience even if were tripled wouldn’t be 51% of family’s to show a powerful statement. As I have said many times,,the teachers are Paramount in their field, the school has so much to offer. Some how I hope for the students everything will be for the best for them whatever the outcome is. If I may ask? Just what does the Budget have to do with course of study? Every vote goes to the end and a mediator comes in? A judge decides? Hold up raises? Chances are they are just going to be retroactive. Chances of change will only be wording meaning the same thing or close to it and it wouldn’t change to your full liking . Good Luck for the students.

  3. See Sharon Board meeting, It sounds like they are listening, some changes are being looked into. Your Board Chairman is a very active Chair member for the school. Really listen to the latest Meeting.

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