1. Right now in the times we are witnessing I believe it is time to redirect everyone’s interest to a different arena of safety . The teacher’s are in place, and they are excellent ones at that. The system is the system and it isn’t going anywhere, get use to it. That was a off color statement but reality is reality. Concentrate on the most important thing in everyones eyes. Your children, THE STUDENTS!!! Let your ego’s go right now
    and start investigations into a better, safer place of study. Really no time for cartoons. Jose,,,,Good Luck to you and your family , you are meeting your goals and time with your wife. Best of happiness and good luck in your winter sports. Great skiing there.

  2. Why are so many article’s listed or related that are so old? Can’t someone keep these more dated and relative to the times?

  3. Right now is not the time for cartoons. The teachers are in place, and they are great ones at that. The system is the system and it ain’t go’n anywhere this year. Your children, the students should be your main concerns of safety in these times. Concentrate on how to make a better , safer place of study. Really ,,,,,just what else could anyone be talking about?!?!? Jose and his family deserve their time and a place were they enjoy doing what they do. Enjoy that skiing!!!

  4. So sorry to hear that all this is so BAD. I always enjoyed talking to teachers, and students. That school has so much to offer . Any of my correspondence has been dealing what we been offered, with my experiences. I hope priority’s are put forth, in proper order. Best to the students!!!!!

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