Pam Vogel’s Sad List Of Accomplishments With Participation Of Local Boards Of Education So Far In 2018 5


1 Not listening to teachers, students and parents in the set up and implementation of a new schedule system and new grading system

2) An announcement is made that possibly 50% of athletes might not be able to participate due to the new grading policy

3) When the system crashes Mrs. Vogel schedules a speaker with a (“dubious history”), and  the scheduled speaker also having  been convicted of bank fraud….

4) After years of not only being superintendent, but also being the de facto principal of the high school, the principal of the high school finally resigns….

5) The Boards Of Education under the direction of Pam Vogel have “frozen out” public participation in search committees for administrative positions with internet surveys of parents and poorly publicized meeting. When such meeting occur, it is to be interviews by another paid consultant provided to the region by CABE (a waste of taxpayer dollars to an organization that is against public participation in searches and is anti-teacher)…

6) Mrs. Vogel if you watch almost all the board of education meeting videos runs almost every board meeting she is at…and look very close and see that with the Region One Board..the Board Chair and the ABC Chair do not even know the proper way to execute a “executive session”….

7) Most of the “executive sessions” are not called properly with correct information on the notice of the meeting….

8) Transparency and teacher, student and taxpayer participation are now basically non-existent (except the board of educations, who, for the most part with a few individual exceptions), appear to be caught under some spell of total support of Vogel and lack of support for teachers, student and taxpayers…

9) Vocal student disgust with Pam Vogel and her handling of all of the above, and teachers who can not speak out public for fear of losing their jobs, and parents and taxpayers who do speak out fear retribution to their family members in school in Region One….

10) And now, déjà vu all over again with the hiring of a new principal who brings a load of negative excess baggage to our system at a time when it is NOT needed (Vogel and the board learned nothing from the outrage taxpayers, students and parents showed just months earlier to the speaker who Vogel selected to come to try and explain the benefits of the new grading system)…

Lies and false promises right from the start of her tenure….secrecy and back room deals right from the start of her tenure…poor decisions, poor understanding (or not caring to understand)  local taxpayers, students and teachers and a bad selection of character right from the start……

When will the local boards become independent again, when will they realize that THEY are the boss, and Pam Vogel responds and answers to them, not the other way around. If you are elected to the board, we appreciate your service, but please, stop following Pam Vogel dragging Region One down the drain.

Please, local board members, stop this madness, it is in your hands.

And PS

Does anyone in the administration, or on the boards know about “Google”?