Here we go again! Evidently the number of kids with 2 or more NYPs is “large” in Housy’s vicious cycle of chaos. 4

Here we go again! Evidently the number of kids with 2 or more NYPs is “large” in this vicious cycle of chaos. See the note below from the High School!

From: Ian Strever <>
Date: Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 4:16 PM
Subject: Step Two Notice as of 3/20/18

28277020_10211471934896001_7451179428152337281_nDear Students and Parents,

As we explained recently, every fifteen school days, we are monitoring the progress of our students toward being proficient in courses, and today was the end of the second reporting term of the third marking period.
As of today, you have more than two NYPs for the third quarter, and are being placed on Step Two. This means that you must demonstrate your efforts to become proficient in order to maintain your eligibility for sports and extracurricular activities.
You can do this by keeping a Progress Report (see below) with you that must be signed by teachers to vouch for the fact that you spent at least four hours of time with them in Flex, Open Table, or some other time to work on learning the material.
Again, the purpose of this is to make sure that you are learning material and putting in the necessary effort to stay on top of your learning. We want everyone to be successful, and we need you to complete this responsibility in order to help us help you.
Please see your PLP teacher or come to the APO if you need a paper copy of the report, and you will submit it to themon or before April 11, when we review grades again. If you have resolved your NYPs at that time, you will no longer be on Step Two, but if you do not demonstrate effort on your Progress Report, you may move to Step Three, which would make you ineligible to compete in athletics and extracurricular programs, and could involve changes to your schedule to address the problem.
Please contact me directly with any questions you have about the procedures or with any questions or suggestions.
~ Mr. Strever