1. Four months ago, an Arboritum Committee was asked to look into a tree planting in honor of Patricia Chamberlain. This committee politely said no thank you. This Arboritum inquiry somehow evolved into Phil Hart taking it upon himself to propose a graduation award to honor Ms. Chamberlain? … And now this award is a reality? … And Doug Humes is the only one to question this process?
    The trivial matters have all been moved to something called a, “consent agenda”? To allow for the careful consideration of these “important” issues?
    If the multiple concerns with Central Office initiatives were given half as much attention as the securing of Ms. Chamberlain’s legacy, our Region would be better served.
    This board continues to fiddle while Rome burns.

  2. Is there any footage of our multimillion dollar budget meeting? Were any questions asked? Any concerns raised? The budget seems to include cuts and fewer resources earmarked for students, while endowing Central Office with more money for its propaganda campaign. (The “Pupil Services” portions remains an enigma.)
    Can someone explain why these three separate entities (high school, pupil services, and central office) must be lumped together for the multimillion dollar vote?
    No voter wants to hurt students. But concerns with the arrogance of this Board and Central Office, and their continued detrimental impact on our students, seems to leave no recourse but to vote, “no” on this overall budget referendum.

  3. If Chairman Whalen must chew gum throughout board meetings, could he please do so with his mouth closed.
    Thank you.

  4. Who says there is nothing good on T.V.? Have enjoyed the cable channel 6 debate over new Chamberlain graduation award. It has occurred to me that perhaps one of the biggest events of this 2017-18 school year, in the eyes of students, has been the institution of gender neutral bathrooms at our high school. While the unilateral decisions of Mr. Phil Hart are beyond reproach, should he not have considered this latest Progressive education inititive? He wants two awards. One for a boy and one for a girl. What if a gender neutral student is deserving of his award? Perhaps the Board will see fit to devote extensive camera time this issue. Hope it is not moved to consent agenda.

    • The board doesn’t film… CATV 6 is independent of the school run by Tri-State public communications a not for profit that owns ROBIN HOOD RADIO

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