It is time to stand up and fight! 7

Region One Community    One Region One Taxpayers! Please visit the site above by clicking on it… look at the survey results by clicking on the link..and get involved..we need a major change in the attitude of the Region One Board..this another way to get HONEST information form parents, educators and residents in Region One.


  1. Got it. If you had to compare; How did South Carolina get the best school grades in the country? What was their system? And to confuse things; Why are they changing to a 10 point grading system? If I wasn’t a leader in the field, then I would want to know what what are other people doing right. If I had one thing to start to change ,,,it would be the indoctrination of Political steering from the teachers, and the big to due with the trips to China. Da,,,they steal patents, ideas, lead in baby food, poison in pet food. So if we want our students to have bright ideas and work to someday have their own patent, would it be OK if China steals it form them? Ever thing of a trip to other counties of our Allies? Ever thing of teaching the students of why they should be Proud of their Heritage? How about a trip to Arizona and see the first Americans still living on Reservations with great prejudice towards them today,,,and that goes for the ones that left for a better education, only to return because of PREJUDICE. In your survey I think you are in the right direction of over 200 responders. What you now need is a Lawyer,,,a real lawyer with school experience in this field that has a PRO FOLIO OF SUCCESSES!! I’ll give you a hint. Several years ago we go someone from the Shore area that was out’st down there because of problems. Maybe you should be looking in the direction of the Lawyer that represented the pubic down there. Maybe you should get in touch with New Fairfield on their success of outing the superintendent that we now have in North Canaan that proved to be NYP. An added note on that; CABE just think the members got her that job it’s who you know,,,”,birds of the feather flock together”.. I see numbers, that means there are others that could be AFRAID……..maybe they are just not afraid enough yet to have had enough. Maybe their Union isn’t all that strong. Maybe their LIBERALISM is just like China. They forgot the FREEDOM of SPEACH and to ORGANIZE. I belonged to a UNION, a GOOD UNION will tell you to do what is asked of you even if wrong in your heart, because it all lays on the one that told you to do it. THEN FILE A GRIEVANCE!! I understand that if anything this has brought the teachers together. Their X comrade ,,,,DRANK THE KOOL-AID. Now you got the numbers and I believe you have many, many more. I’m Peeed at the delight of their admiration of China…………Mr. Lizzy is a Great person and teacher for the debate team…Do what you want Mr. Lizzy,,,,,,,but my COUNTRY and Allies come first.

  2. well if you don’t mind another remark…. Reading your comment on Mr. Moore from Kent got me wondering on ; He and Mr.Hart working for CABE..? I didn’t know who or what CABE is. So I read; for Superintendents and Board members. Oh,,,well does that mean since those 2 were a member they had all the information on things to come,,,,by the approval of CABE members? By the way they claim themselves to be, I would think learning procedures would be talked over and agreed upon. So I think; if this marking procedure was talked about, wouldn’t they ask, were has it succeeded before we give the go ahead? Being more curious I called CABE and asked the person answering the phone of decisions on who make that decision for the go ahead. Haa; the answer; you will have to talk to your Superintendent and Board, we don’t talk to the PUBLIC! Well don’t we have a what looks like a SECRET SOCITY. Don’t we have now something of UN-TRUST WORTHINESS? So were do these people come from of NYP? Were do people look for people that are not qualified? Maybe some people think,,,”They think I did such a bad job,,,I’ll fix them! Why doe Mr. Hart want so bad to spend tax payers money on the last Superintendent.? Wouldn’t it be nice to pull the wool over the tax payers eyes again. Didn’t get the knife in far enough the first time Bull, that money should go to “AG” or, WOOD SHOP. Next time anyone is needed to replace anyone lets make sure they are non associated with CABE or any click they seemed to have found thru their travels. BACK GROUND CHECKS,,,,,,BACKGROUND CHECKS. From Private head hunters. Start at less than predecessor, some one that wants to make a successful achievement, and wants to take ownership. From pass work done is what dictates raise with a ceiling of 2%. Reviews be gathered by a independant review board. Any new board members, superintendents belonging to CABE, need not apply. Label CABE as Prejudice . DON”T TALK TO THE PUBLIC,,,,,,,POUND SAND. And we trust our students to these jerks??? You decide!!

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