1. A search committee that does not conduct a search is if nothing else a first. The teachers around the table were involved in a facade, not a process. Unhappy with the way the high school has been run the last few years? You just made the reason why your next principal. Strever has been running the show throughout the NYP disaster. Worst kept secret in Housy history. Vogel’s got a brand new lap dog.

  2. Agree. The teachers at the table were no more than a token show by the Board and Central Office. Initiatives have failed. Inititives continue to fail. Concerns of the community will continue to be ignored. Students are suffering.
    While Mr. Strever, by most accounts, is popular with students, he can be little more than a thumb in the dike holding back a failing academic deluge.
    … And the BOE (new members included), in lock step with Central Office, continue to drill new holes.

  3. While this may be but one parent’s opinion… Mr. Strever has done little more than circumvent, mislead, and pass the buck on my concerns. I do not feel he has offered any positive support for my struggling student. Perhaps I am in the minority.
    Perhaps the current atmosphere at the high school has left his hands tied. Either way, a strong leader would have put students first. I see no evidence of this during his tenure. He resume is a testament to the ability to follow. I hope I am wrong.

  4. Most hostage statements sound more natural. If Whelan can’t imagine a more qualified person than the only one he interviewed, he should try working at Housy. The names would come easily.

    Nice to see that representation remains a priority for this board of ed. More than half the HVRHS teachers are women, but they could not find one to take part in a sham interview? Easy way to avoid the biggest concern people have about the new principal. It’s about more than being a yes man.

  5. Your headline reads, “Ian Strever offered Top Job at H.V.R.H.S.”
    Mr. Strever was offered the superintedent position?

  6. According to the Lakeville Journal, last week’s community meeting brought up such solutions as, “contract buyouts,” and, “votes of no confidence.” These seemed to be a bit extreme. The BOE and Central Office, with their continued failures to even acknowledge realistic concerns, are leaving our region with very few options. Contract buyouts and votes of no confidence are quickly becoming very real options. (For those of you feeling sorry for the targets of buyouts and no confidence votes, North Canaan will find a place to keep them on their payroll.)

  7. Oh,,,,My God,,,,,you are absolutely WRONG!!!! Please read again,,,AT H.V.R.H.S. not Region One. See how people jump at scuttle-butt. ( gossip around the water cooler ). This is the most responds to a subject on anything of Region One Report. Does anyone have any idea of chain of command? Do people know of Mr. Strever’s potential’s? You know in Ct there is no real way to run a school region, you are to be lead by the school BOARD. So the Admiral hands down to his Captains (Principals) and the XO’s (Vice Principals) be sure the Captains Orders are carried out. We don’t stray, but are lead by the system that it will work, and everyone has to be onboard with it. Simple,,,,just do it. In Civilain terms ,we don’t have to do jack crap if we don’t want to and protest…. you know what I’m starting to see?? Just like the 60’s and 70’s protests, a reason to disagree, show our students how to be ACTIVIST. Maybe second in Command ( X0 ) should be Mr. FELLOWS!! Everyone know’s right were he is coming from. That’s why his classrooms are aways in order and students respect him because he has self respect and order. Don’t we all admire order and respect in any business that is successful? Each classroom is a business in itself and the product is,” knowledge”. GOOD LUCK MR. STREVER,,,,,,,I KNOW WERE YOU ARE COMING FROM AND YOUR POTENTIAL’S.

  8. This is a response to Al Gould. First of all in case you haven’t noticed – the Superintendent in fact has been running HVRHS for many years and will continue under the command of Mr. Streaver as well. That is what the other person was trying to say to you. Secondly, it is Dr. Fellows not Mr.- I agree he has the respect from the students as many parents like myself – However, we need him in the classroom where he is the best! If he moves up – we will indeed lose him just like others and we cannot afford to! Thirdly – I am unsure if you are a parent of a student – but I tend to think you are not from the attitude in your comments. We parents are not trying to be difficult or constant complainers – we are concerned about our children’ and their education whether they are high or low achievers. This current system and the current leaders are using a Buffalo style management – meaning everyone follows the lead buffalo no matter what and when that buffalo runs off the cliff – all the others will follow. I choose to help our students, faculty and staff not be statistics but be successful.

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