Once again, in the executive session they had before the April R1 Board meeting, they interviewed Strever and came out to vote themselves as the principal search committee.

This link is to a clip from the Kent BOE from last night. Lisa Carter was there for Vogel. She is asked if the HVRHS Principal job had been posted. She answers by indicating that they will be interviewing Strever for the job this coming Wednesday at their special meeting and possibly hiring him ???????????

We are not sure why they have been making this such a dog and pony show, but they have.

Here it is … you judge for yourself. #absurdvogelregion1…/1sKlsh02e_Xgs61S0A72E0yZIE…/view…


  1. My opinion for selection; Knowing Mr. Strever, with his self discipline in his cycling accomplishments, his empathy, and his stern but easy to understand directives, he would be a great asset to the High School. I also know students that had him in college as their Professor and looked forward to his classes. He has always been honest, and fair and square. Those 6 things would make a good all-around leader.

  2. “Leader?” The last decade has made one truth abundantly clear. Central Office and the Board of Education have no desire to have a “leader” in the position of principal at Housatonic. (Nor as principal at any of the six regional elementary schools. Note the flood of departures from these positions.) They believe this responsibility belongs solely to Central Office, regardless of what any job descriptions may state, the board and superintendent want to act as the de facto leadership of the high school. When Mr. Strever is given this title of principal, it will be with the full understanding that he will jump only as high as he is told.

  3. Carter has got to be the worst liar ever caught on tape. The decision to make Strever principal was made by central office and the board of ed only.

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