Who’s On First….. 3

“Region One Board gives Superintendent an “NYP”

Region One Board has voted to defer action on Pam Vogel’s 2 year extension

….As Robin Hood Radio first reported on Wednesday evening the Region One Board has deferred action until September any action on the Superintendents request for a new 2 year contract while her current contract is still in place….no reasons given after the executive session….we will watch this unfold with great interest….and keep you up to date……32153727_10211993849703545_2237416814319501312_n


  1. Hallelujah! Let Ian, his assistant and the teachers do the job they know how to do. Put learning back into Housy – YES I SAID HOUSY!!! Maybe the BOE is finally seeing the light as to the damage that has been done to our regional school district. I suggest the BOE chat with some students from classes of 2017-2018 to see if they felt prepared for college and make sure to include a variety – covering all types of students! Please think about the future for our children – DON’T RENEW! You surely don’t want to be remembered as the BOE that ruined our schools and had the chance to right a wrong!

  2. Who’s on first, What’s on second, and I don’t give a #!*?! about the stakeholders is in the owner’s box (Central Office).

  3. I keeping with Housatonic’s strong ties to China, I believe this Board will follow the lead the People’s Republic and provide Dr. Vogel with a lifetime appointment as our Region’s leader.

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