Region One Board Of Education October 7, 2019 2

Watch the Region One Board Chair get a lesson in transparency from a fellow board member….and how about the Cornwall representative supporting a new possible addition to Board policy (after he and the chairman broke all parliamentary procedure by hiring his firm a couple of months ago!) #regiononeyoucantmakethiscrapup


  1. Do you have a time stamp for the above 2 suggestions to watch? I kind of skipped through the 2 3/4 hour meeting in 1/2 hour.

  2. Craziest meeting yet. The Board chair states he asked for a legal opinion, at the taxpayers expense, because it was “personal”. Another board member even states but you didn’t use a personal attorney Bob (scroll to 1:15 in the video). And the board member from Cornwall……..states making exceptions to the conflict of interest policy could cause a problem. Ya think? How did this revelation come after he was awarded a $13,000 contract as a board member, to his company, just last June, but not why he was explaining to the board last June why he decided to move forward with the contract?

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