1. Mike has said it best,,,Impressed. This was a very good example for progress in the elementary school. Now let’s get those old machines replaced at the High school so the elementary students that just got a good foundation into the machine world can look forward to high school machine shop………Keep the momentum going!!!!!!

  2. Who is the new guy on the board? Finally someone who will ask a tough question. This new athletic plan will be a disaster. North Canaan’s cost will double! North Canaan’s student participation will decline. The town and school have now forfeited any local control over this important part of our student’s elementary school career. More power has been delagated to a Central Office that certainly does not have the best interest of North Canaan’s students in mind. Twelve year old 7th graders on long bus rides with high school juniors? North Canaan, the school with the largest projected upcoming middle school enrollment, will have have far and away the longest bus rides in this projected schedule. Instead of preparing/sending 25 boy and girl basketball players to play at the high school each year, the elementary schools will now send 15. (30% of graduating 8th grade athletes will be attending Kent, South Kent, Marvelwood, Hotchkiss, Salisbury, Berkshire, IMS or Oliver Wolcott- another 30% of athletes will be weeded out because of the travel and the lost opportunity to play with friends and represent their school in this new plan.)
    Costs will go up. Student participation will decline. Local control of our students will deminish. And only one person on this Board of Ed questions this Central Office plan?

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