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  1. Seeing what Teachers go thru during a normal school year, I can not imagine the pressure on them thru this learning curve. Keeping up with each student, listening to each question and answering. The time to respond and to move on just seems very tiring to know you reach everyone. It almost seems like each teacher needs 2 Paras helping them. Maybe in some cases with the students at home the Parents with students that don’t care will see their students problems and now they have to deal with it,,,,,,,OR maybe not,, and this will really show of the ones that succeed and the ones that fail will learn true responsibility on success or failure. The other learning curve of sports ,,,it is a same that it can’t be. But,,,,,SAFETY FIRST brings much more success in the full spectrum. To the Teachers and the students that apply themselves, Hats off and a big Salute to you!!!

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