1. DON’T UNDERSELL YOURSELFS OR THE TEACHERS. A time study of everything, and after school activities, electricity, plumbing, water, sanitation, janitorial, music. and I am sure I am missing other things right down to paper and copies. People,,you have a very top self desirable program. People need it, they want it. You don’t put a cheap price on seclet needs. The cost is the cost right down to the penny. $2,000.00 is a cheap price for what you offer. Cornwall is also a great place, competition in price is not an option. the question is; Are you worth it? YES!!

  2. Both Cornwall Consolidated and Lee Kellogg must have annual per pupil costs of close to (if not exceeding) $30,000.00. Yet they are offering an annual tuition rate of $2000.00 to out of district students? Does this not mean that their district’s taxpayers are subsidizing tuition students at a rate of $28,000.00, per student, per year?
    If Principal Kroft’s study estimated an annual per pupil cost of only $1300.00, one would think that tax payers would be asking why the budget they support spends $30,000.00 per student.
    Perhaps the extra $28,000.00 helps offset their annual tribute to Central Office?

    • They are uploaded now, when I originaly uploaded then, I never checked back to see if the upload was successful..but the internet is not perfect, nor am I! The upload error has been fixed!

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