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Name Region 1 science center for educator Jack Mahoney 

Amy D. Schuchat, Sharon

The Feb. 7 article “Region 1 delays naming science center,” regarding the delay in naming the science-technology center at Housatonic Valley Regional High School, left me disappointed in, and hurt and enraged by, the actions of the Region 1 Board of Education and Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain.

It has been recommended that the building be named in memory of the late Jack Mahoney, a teacher and principal who devoted his life to educating the children of Region 1.

In his later years, there was little that pleased him more than seeing “his” students, and catching up on their lives.

I can verify that Jack remembered, with humor and love, each and every one.

In what turned out to be the last years of Jack’s life, he was intensely passionate about building the science and technology center.

He profoundly believed in public education.

He understood the future of this country lies in educating all its children and providing them with the opportunity to compete in the new worldwide arena, and that science and technology were key. That is why this building was so important to Jack.

Not politics, not intimidation, not mean-spirited insinuation.

All Jack ever believed in was children, and that good education conquered all.

It is apparent to me that this is not the primary motive of many members of the Board of Education and, sadly, the Region 1 administration.

Shame on all of you. 

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