The more things change, the more they stay the same… Reply

from The Pingpank Report, December 2010

First . . . There will be continued problems if the faculty usurps the high school principal, if the central office usurps the high school administration,  or if the central office works in conjunction with selected members of the faculty to the exclusion of the high school administration.

Second, there will be continued problems if the faculty divisions are not healed or at least minimized. One would assume that the faculty, working with a new high school administration, can lessen those divisions. . .

Third, there needs to be less involvement by the central office in the daily life of the high school [which is exactly what Jack said at the August 16, 2010, meeting, which so offended the superintendent that she wrote that email kicking Jack and the 21st Century group out of the taxpayer-funded conference room].  . .

Fourth. . .Administrators should be aware that not everything that goes on in the central office needs to be kept confidential . . .

Fifth, there are concerns over intimidation by the central office. While the concern is not limited to the assistant superintendent, Ms. Goncalves is as much a lightening rod for opinion and controversy as was the [former] principal. She has been blunt. At times that bluntness has been excessive. Her manner at times can be intimidating and threatening. She should be counseled to moderate her behavior. The power of her office should allow her to give clear and direct guidance without the need for intimidation. There are clearly elements in the region that would like to see Ms. Goncalves leave. This can impair her effectiveness, much like her excessive bluntness has impaired her effectiveness. Whether she can be effective is a matter either for the Boards) to decide, or for time to tell.

In future actions, the central office needs to take care to ensure that the course of action chosen is a proper one, a proper method is used to achieve a proper result, and the proper and accurate justification for the action is given.

Sixth. . .It would be helpful if all could take actions that are in the best interest of the Regional School District, that they act with proper motives, and use proper methods.

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