Patricia’s mean, nasty and not accurate side erupts again last night…. 2

Patricia once again showed her fangs, nasty attitude, and wrong information as she did last month, this time with long time Kent Principal Ed Epstein…claiming that Epstein had a three-year contract when he retired…Ed had 22 one year contracts before that one three-year retirement contract.  She said she knew that to Ed after the meeting last night.  Again, classless, arrogant, mean,and not truthful by our superintendent…her true colors show thru.


  1. I did some reserch, Region 1 and Region 9 are the ONLY Regional schools with an Assistant Superintendant….. Big cities all have a Superitendant NOT 2

  2. Thanks for researching this. If the assistant supers job is eliminated more autonomy can be given to the elem. principals. They should have more say in teacher hiring and classes in their schools. The boards of all the schools should know more about the candidates applying for jobs, not just who was selected by the assistant superintendent. Why do we need an assistant superintendent?

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