To Terry Cowpie (Cowgill)…It’s The Administration Stupid! Reply

Mr. Cowpie, I am told, keeps spreading more  untruths and outright lies on his internet site about our anger over Region One administrators three-year contracts that are torn up after one year, and then new ones given with more sick days, more vacation days, more pension/annuity..claiming I am after only the top two..not true Cowpie, we have been campaigning for over two years against the administration contract fiasco…not just the top two, it’s just that  the top two keep giving the lame excuses, and bullying, and posturing…Sam Herrick and the rest of the administration don’t act mean and vindictive, and out of control  like the top two. But former journalist (well at least he is  according to Cowpie, not former colleagues), just keeps foaming at the mouth..getting closer and closer to the edge, when he get’s there, he’ll know. I resisted responding to these attacks for the past year, and now after venting some steam, it’s back to the business of Region One. Goodnight Mr. Cowpie, wherever you are.

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