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It is disturbing to read that the Region One board not only awarded raises but extended the contracts of central ofce personnel at a March
28 meeting. Are we so far removed from the confusion and controversy of the last several years that all is forgotten? Have the problems at
the high school all been put to rest?  Where else in the public sector at this time is this largess in evidence? Quality leadership has been in short supply for some time in Region One; what indicators are there that this troubling situation has been reversed? This action, if appropriate, is certainly premature.
Finally, one must wonder why some board members who would not support an increase for teachers in their elementary schools supported
contract changes, extensions and pay increases for a failed leadership team whose members on average earn two to three times what these teachers
earn. Thanks to Gale Toensing and Marilyn Yerks for voting nay on this question; clearly, theirs was the proper vote.
Brian Kavanagh
West Cornwall

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