An open letter emailed to Phil Hart this morning from WHDD 3


To clear up misconceptions that people might have about The ABC positions on the budget (administrative raises), the board and Marshall Miles personal opinions, we would like to invite both you, and the chair of the ABC to come on-air with Marshall to discuss the differences, explain  positions and together, urge people to get out and vote. It would be aired on The Breakfast Club and during  Second Take segments. Our schedule is open, when do you think we can arrange this.
Thanks in advance
Marshall Miles
Jill Goodman


    • Low level? Allowing opposing viewpoints to be aired with our viewpoint? Then asking EVERYONE to vote….that’s not YELLOW journalism, it’s red, white and blue journalism…as a matter of fact, its BLUE and GOLD journalism!

  1. Phil Hart has responded to WHDD about the prospect of issuing a statement on WHDD, according to Marshall Miles of WHDD it a schedule can be worked out with Phil Hart, Chair of the Region One Board Of Education, a recording session is possible. Hart will get back to WHDD if it’s possible.

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