Region One activates ALL CALL again on budget vote tonight!!!!! 1

Seems strange to us that the Region One Administration only uses the “ALL CALL” system when it appears the budget vote is in doubt.  We have been informed by people tonight that the “ALL CALL” system is in use again tonight to get out the vote. Now, this would not be a bad idea, but why is it ONLY used by the administration when there appears to be a budget vote in doubt. Why not use it to get people out at the Board Of Education meetings?  Why not use it to get people out to budget hearings? Why? A simple answer…..when the administration contracts are in doubt, that is the time they use it.

There has been NO compromise by the administration, make your own “ALL CALL”  and “ALL EMAIL” and get your friends and neighbors to vote NO May 31. Lets bring the administration and the board back to the negotiating table!