School Board Meeting Mayhem. Region One Board votes to reduce budget by about $270,000 for the next vote..and the administration “volunteers” to eliminate the last year of their “new” “approved” “not legally approved” contracts that have never been signed, drafted or ratified 5

Well, the Region One Board tonight voted to send to referendum a new budget with about $270,000 dollars in cuts. The administration also offered a “concession” of giving up the last year of the not-yet-approved new three-year contracts, the board also approved that!  WOW approving concessions on contracts that are not even drafted…now I have seen everything! I asked the chairmen of the board if he could produce a “legal” document from the board attorney stating that the contracts offered to the administration by the board, but not even drafted yet, and not even signed yet, were indeed legal documents. I was told maybe!

Then at the end of the meeting in a rather heated discussion with the superintendent I asked why the board attorney did not stay to answer questions about the legality of the contracts..point blank, she told me he had another meeting to go to…what our superintendent did not know, is that I heard the attorney say to a board member, after the first meeting this evening when asked if he was staying for the second meeting the following…”I was not asked to stay”.

Let’s see if the board gets an opinion on the legal standing of contracts that are not only not signed, but not even drafted yet.

Cutting the budget is fine for some of the NO votes, but a clear message sent to the board was NOT TO EXTEND the administrations three-year contracts after one year…honor the three years…what does the board offer? A concession of the last year of the new not legal contracts, meaning that the administration still renegotiated their contracts after only one year… my good friend Izzy Decker used to say… BALONEY SAUCE. As the saying went in the 1992 election not long ago “It’s the economy Stupid”, well in Region One this year…”It’s the contracts, Region One Board”.