Region One employees told to vote YES on the budget…or if the budget gets defeated you will lose your job!! Intimidation rears it’s ugly head in Region One again (this time it is the director of Pupil Services Carl Gross according to reports to 12

Andrea Downs,  of Falls Village spoke this evening at The Region One Board Of Education Meeting during the public session. Andrea pointed out to the board that she was informed that an “administrator” of Region One said to Region One employees to vote YES on the budget..or they could loose their jobs. She asked the board to make sure that this does not happen, and IF the budget gets defeated, to just keep the current contract for administrators. The reaction from the board chair….NONE. can now confirm that over the past 36 hours reports came to us with similar information, a threat that if the budget lost, they would lose their jobs. But these people gave us the administrator’s name..CARL GROSS REGION ONE DISTRICT WIDE DIRECTOR OF PUPIL SERVICES.

If true, and right now, with what we hear tonight, and what has been told to us over the past 36 hours,  we have no reason to doubt the validity of the charges. This is but another reason to stand up and say NO MORE! If the past few weeks, here is what members of the Region One School Board, the administration, and ABC have said….

1) The administrative raises are FREE they cost taxpayers nothing (FALSE)

2) The Region One Superintendent has not has a pay raise for several years (FALSE)

3) The Region One Superintendent said  ”if the budget is defeated, the first place the regional board will turn to is making re­ductions in the high school budget. “I’m hoping we’ll resolve the issues on the contracts, what I consider unimportant issues,”

4)  And now intimidation of loss of employment to employees of The Region One School District by Carl Gross, Region One District Wide Director Of Pupil Service.

Enough is enough…tell your friends and neighbors it’s time to draw a line in the sand….VOTE NO on the Region One Budget tomorrow in the referendum. We urge you to vote YES on the much-needed roof repair, and ADA projects!Image