Update of Cornwall Principal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3

This is the story that WAS verified by the Region One Office this morning, and then twenty minutes later, the Region One Office called to say it was not true, the Cornwall Principal was staying….after you read the line, see below for why he is staying.

Another Region One principal is GONE! Cornwall’s principal has just resigned.

********note, we just received a call from REGION ONE to tell us the principal IS NOT resigning…..stay tuned.


Reason he is staying. Region One Report has been told by two unnamed sources that the Cornwall Principal received a RAISE. We are awaiting verification on this…..


  1. Ok so the Cornwall principal gets a RAISE to stay. Where is it in the Budget that the towns past says that he was receiving a raise. Also as a former employee who left on my own doing last year, from Housatonic High School,Half you people have no clue about what went on. And the PinkPank report is dead on so yes i do have the facts and like i said GOOD LUCK Salsisbury Centeral School with the inter principal.

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