1. “If we keep doing the same thing, we might get the same results” — Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain.
    But instead of doing something truly different — like listening to the public that pays her c. $170,000 salary and benefits package, that wants teaching positions restored and the cancellation of the three-year contract extensions with annual two percent raises to her and her assistant — she supported instead having the board go to Salisbury, North Canaan and Kent to try to “sell” the budget. That would have been a good way to “divide and conquer” the public by having smaller meetings that can more easily be stacked than a wide open public hearing situation. Fortunately the divide and conquer plan couldn’t work because there wasn’t enough time to carry it out before the next — the third — referendum on June 25.
    — Gale Toensing

  2. “First of all, I would to this man sitting in front of me that you’re not going to get a straight answer from what I’ve seen over the years. I think we’ve gotten into a position in education at Housatonic Valley Regional High School that’s sick. Two years ago we lost two people that had the kids’ education in their hearts and Torrington’s gain is our loss. We have now lawsuits within our administration; we have people that I don’t believe belong here, and if you had the opportunity to get a straight answer from a school where we got a replacement for one [administrator] there were lawsuits down there too. But that didn’t happen so we end up with people in our administration that don’t give a damn about the education of our children and it’s about time that some of you woke up. We’ve got a couple of good replacements here and you’ve got to step forward from there. And I see the budget being defeated time after time if you don’t have balls enough at your meeting to get rid of the superintendent and the vice superintendent within our administration and start over again because we don’t need them.”
    –Doug Carlson of North Canaan, 14:01-15:30

    — posted by Gale Courey Toensing

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