Some Great News about H.V.R.H.S, it’s teachers and students…. 7

We here at The Region One Report have received the CAPT scores for Housatonic.  Below is a link to the scores so you can compare how Housatonic fared over the years, and compare Housatonic to other schools, and  to the state averages.
From what we can tell Housatonic is above state average in all subjects.
Well done teachers and students…


  1. I think this is great to see!
    To bad that the school said “just ignore it” about a student who should have received accommodations on the CAPT test as exposed at S. Hurley’s hearing. If I recall the principal Matt Harnett and Diane Goncalves were notified by the CAPT coordinator and other staff members that a Spanish speaking student needed help and they refused to allow for services.

  2. In spite of Terry’s smarmy reaction on FB, this is not the work of central office (what did they do????) nor the new building administration. This trend has continued through Foster, Tedford and Harnett. This is great teachers, great students, and supportive parents (also great!).

    • Don’t fret about Cowgill(he is so predictable, you know what he is going to write before he pens it!). See how many responses he gets to his posts…just that “tight” circle of critical, bitter, and rudderless wannabes. We give credit where credit is due, and that is to teachers, students, and yes, the Principal and Vice-Principal. The results are over ten years and were achieved with very little positive support from the top administrators who are far more concerned about their contracts, annuities, job perks and job security than teachers, or students and their issues.

      • …and why did we not hear about this from central office when it was known back in June?

      • We had spoken to Mr. Harnett in July, and are scheduled to talk about it on-air after school starts with him (we just have not set up the date yet!) As for the Central Office…I can NOT explain why.

  3. What about poor Mr. Hurley who worked so hard to organize the test and make sure all students made up their tests? I bet they won’t even mention him when the school brags about their results to the community.

  4. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but these scores are NOT great news, with the exception, perhaps, of the writing score, which I would describe as good, not great, news.
    I hope people are not being fooled by the so-called “Proficiency” scores. The Proficiency Score is a fudge category to make the students’ achievement look better than it is and make people like administrators feel good because they can pull the wool over the eyes of people who don’t understand what the Proficiency category is. The Proficiency score is in fact a combination of the percentage of students at or above state goal combined with the percentage of students who ALMOST reach state goal — but they don’t. Example: if 50 percent of students are at or above state goal and 45 percent of students are almost — but not — reaching state goal, voila! –you have a score of 95 percent of your students are at or above ‘PROFICIENCY.’ It’s bogus. But not too many people know it. Back in the day when the CAPT was being devised, there was a debate at the State Department of Education over the Proficiency category — those who thought it was a bogus fudge category wanted it out, those who wanted a feel-good consolation prize- type category wanted it in. The second group won.
    — Gale Courey Toensing

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