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When will the Region One Board realize the taxpayers can’t keep sustaining the high administration cost when enrollment keeps declining this rapidly?

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Enrollment as of the first day of classes  August 27: A decrease of 87 students, or 5 per­cent districtwide from the same day last year.
Official figures for the year as of Oct. 1.
The largest drop is seen at Housatonic Valley Regional High School that now has 59 fewer stu­dents. The total is 416, down from last year’s 475.

One school had a slight increase:  North Canaan Elementary School, which has two more students than last year with a total of 315.

Salisbury Central School remained static at 309.

Lee H. Kellogg School in Falls Village: 75; 86 in 2011

Cornwall Consolidated School, 101, 106 in 2011

Sharon Center School, 182, 192 in 2011

Kent Center School, 271, 275 in 2011. 


  1. and yet for some reason, they still keep the same number of teachers at Housy even though the enrollment is down by a lot…hmmm that doesn’t really make to much sense to me

    • Not sure if there are excess teachers…but there is more and more money spent each year approved of by the Region One BOE for an administration that handles less and less students, with less and less independent input from our Region One Board. .

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