My personal response to Mike Flint and the inaccuracies and half truths he is fond of posting about (Tri-State Public Communications) 7

Here is Tri-State Public Communications response to another error filled Mike Flint Blog posting sent to us by one of our supporters. While we dismiss Mike and his 6-10 followers, we will not let him continue to distribute half-truths, inaccurate information, poor and sloppy investigative results…

Mike Flint continues his history to distribute half-truths, and inaccurate information via his blogs to his 6 or 7 viewers. It is history to claim to be investigative, but, as turns out most the time, Mr. Flint is only about 50% accurate. It is pretty amazing that Flint, who is opposed to Salisbury selling its old firehouse asset to help pay for the new one, so opposed that he has cost the town of Salisbury $400,000.00 already, is now in favor of Sharon selling it’s asset at 67 Main Street for a significant loss! Hmmmm, could Mr. Flint have an agenda to costs local towns their assets and money for personal vendettas? As his favorite network says…WE REPORT…YOU DECIDE.Read below what Flint has posted, and our response to that post, you will see, once again Flint’s half-truths, lack of follow-up, and lack of business sense.Here is what he wrote:

Some facts about Tri-State Public Communications …

Tri-State was founded in 2002 X Correct!

Tri-State operates public access television in the Lakeville
Franchise of Comcast Cable and WHDD Radio X Correct

Tri-State has posted operating losses for a number of years (its fiscal year is Jan. 1 to Dec. 31).

2009 – ($ 27,487.00)

2010 – ($ 67,135.00)

2011 – ($ 508,157.00) !!!!!WRONG! $347,475.00 (and that money has been invested in equipment, and in anticipation of an expansion that should come to fruition by October 2012!)

Tri-State is carrying a large debt load – as of Dec. 31, 2011 – $ 768,142.00 (This is to one of the members of the board of directors) X Correct and obviously written by a person either ignorant or not understanding the acceptable risks a business takes to expand and grow in a recession. What successful company does not incur debt when they constantly improve, expand and keep their company on the leading edge in economic down times?

Tri-State also shows another $ 104,004.00 in ‘unsecured notes and loans payable to unrelated third parties’.
No kidding! See above!

Tri-State’s underwriting revenues are down substantially in the 2011 fiscal year. X WRONG In a down economy Tri-State INCREASED it’s underwriting by close to 50% by almost $50,000.00!!!

A lesson for Mike Flint..DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THE INTERNET! Had Mike Flint checked our website, or with the IRS, the accurate information is posted! One week after we filed our 990, an amended 990 was filed with the IRS.

Once again, Flint is just plain wrong, inaccurate, and vindictive to a fault, as are his little band of Flintites.

Let’s see if he corrects his errors, or, as in Flint tradition, blames someone else.

Oh, and by the way, in the interest of full disclosure, while trashing Tri-State Public Communications behind our backs, Flint received $93,375.00 in compensation for his services from December 2007 to September 2011. Who has hired Mike Flint and paid him that  money recently? The last persons to do so, and the only people to do so in the past 5 years, has been Tri-State Public Communications.

Flint refuses to write about our biggest mistake, his hiring.

For all to see, our 990’s are posted on our homepage at (under about us).
Check for yourself and see how misinformed Flint is.


    • Wow, two posts from you in one day! From what I hear you are correct! They each have their own sites to publish their bile and crap, this site is for different views than theirs, so yes, views are not posted here, but every now and them I let one of Cowpie’s “anonymous” posts slip by for my amusement. BTW where is your question mark?

  1. Someone wanted to know why this was posted here…simple Mr. Flint is a representative of the Region One Board Of Education. This blog is about all things Region One, and unfortunately, Mr. Flint is part of Region One, and his comments reflect on Region One. Some members of the board embrace the nasty tactics of Mr. Flint (like the Superintendent who was going to be on his Board Of Directors), like Johnathan Moore, etc. As an old quotation says..if you sleep with dogs, you end up smelling like dogs. You are effected by comments of the people you choose to affiliate with.

  2. As an old quotation says..if you sleep with dogs, you end up smelling like dogs.

    Actually, no such quotation exists. Except in tin foil hat land…

    • Actually there is a quote…He that lieth down with Dogs, shall rise up with Fleas..but the quote I was using was from my grandfather, Melvin Dennis….If you sleep with dogs, you end up smelling like dogs. Sorry you never knew my grandfather.

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