1. I’d like to thank Chairman Phil Hart for his opening remarks on this video, reminding the public that he wants to distance himself from my statements in support of restoring full time high school teachers in Art, Math, Science, English and a .4 teacher in Social Studies and in opposition of giving raises and contract extensions to the superintendent and assistant superintendent.

    These top two administrators are paid, respectively, around $170,000 and around $150,000, including annuities and other benefits. That’s a lot of money! It’s a total of $320,000 or around 2.2 percent of the total proposed budget of $14,541,848. The $320,000 in salaries for these two administrators is around $100,000 more than the $220,000 in alleged “savings” from the lost five teaching positions. Furthermore, the chairman supports adding around $156,000 to the administrators’ proposed budget to create — guess what? — a new administrator and more administrative support staff.

    I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I agree with the chairman’s support of depriving students of resources and shifting those resources to administrators, so once again, I thank him for clarifying the differences in our positions on the proposed budget. If you support cutting teachers and giving raises to the two top administrators who already are paid well over a quarter of a million dollars and adding more administrators, you should vote yes at the May 7 referendum. But if you agree that resources should be spent on students and student learning, please join me in voting NO on the proposed budget and telling the chairman and the board majority to go back to the table and correct their homework . — Gale Courey Toensing

    • I agree. It’s disturbing to think that administration is trying to make their jobs easier in light of budget cuts elsewhere. Seriously, even IF they are not responsible for declining enrollment (giving them the benefit of the doubt for the purpose of this arguement, though I suspect the BS that goes on in the region is cause for more students being enrolled in private education), their jobs are at least made easier by it. They have fewer students, faculty, staff, and budgets to manage. Despite cuts elsewhere, they continue to get raises!!!!! Even our federal goverment is setting a better example, with Obama, Kerry, etc. all taking voluntary cuts in their salaries to match budget cuts elsewhere. Will Region One administration do this? NEVER!

      Personally, they should keep the high school staff and fire the Assistant Superintendent instead. In addition to her salary, they’d save quite a bit in legal fees from all of the problems she’s caused.

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