Region One Board Of Education Special Meeting May 2 1

Wow, can Phil Hart be any more disrespectful of my three questions? And how is it that the Chairman of the Region One Board Of Education can not answer a simple question on how electronically a flyer is going to be posted, when it is the Chairman that called the meeting. A short meeting with little content, but Mr. Hart’s body language and lack of patience says it all. d

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  1. Partial Transcript of Special Meeting Region 1 BoE May2

    Partial Transcript of Special Region 1 BoE May2

    Marshall to Dear Leader (Phil Hart): You said electronic distribution.
    Dear Leader: Correct.
    Marshall: How is that going to be done?
    Dear Leader: I’m not sure, I’m not exactly sure how it’s done but we have authorized it!
    Marshall: Well, if it’s been authorized I’d just like to know how . . . Sam, do you know how it’s going to be distributed?
    Sam: I do actually know. I think last year it was distributed through the Aesop system. —— (names a system) is an automated system that sends out information like school closings. . .
    . . . . .
    Dear Leader: Now as a result of the vote you may pick up copies of these from they’re right here on the table. Do with them what you will. Any other comment?
    Chris Allyn: As a member of the public can I make copies of these of my own free will or do I have to use the copies that you provide? I’m not going to edit them; I just want to know if I can copy them.
    Dear Leader: You can copy them. You can copy them.
    . . . . .
    Dear Leader: ‘Cause board members could have copied them even if we didn’t have the motion as long as they . . . as long as they make their own copies. This has to do with the board authorizing this. Any other comment?
    Marshall: Is there any cost to the school to put these together?
    (Dear Leader drops his outstretched arms to the table with a thud, looks with exasperation to each side, drops his arms again with a thud)
    Sam: The cost of paper and toner.
    Marshall: And somebody’s time?
    Sam: Yup.
    Dear Leader: Ahhm, any other comments I’ll take a motion to adjourn. . .

    –transcribed by Gale Courey Toensing

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