We know it is an inconvenient time, but please be there. All Board Chair members will be there, Region One Reps will be there, and YOU should be there as well. We need as many residents and concerned citizens there as possible to best represent the feeling of the public.


  1. The problem with Region One is plain and simple, lack of leadership. Starting with Phil Hart of Cornwall the Chair of The Region One Board…..without leadership, the best assemblage of teachers, teachers-aids, students, and administrators can not and will not succeeded. The Region One budget, and the lawsuit against it’s lead administrator, and now the letter from Mr. Harnett, show the lack of communication, the lack of leadership, and the lack of respect for the teachers, students, employees, and residents of Region One. It may be time to clean house…from the Region One Board, to the ABC Committee, to your local boards, replace the “rubber stamps” with independent thinkers that will act not only on behalf of the administration, but on behalf of the students and taxpayers.

  2. For your is a diect quote from Jonathan Moore, Region One Vice Chair and representitive from Kent….this guy just does not get it and has NO RESPECT for Region One Taxpayers

    “…It never ceases to amaze me what a secret this school is. It also astounds me that, of the people I have spoken to since the referendum,they all are vastly misinformed about the budget. And there is no difference as to whether they voted yes or no! They all are misinformed. I guess they are all so flush they don’t worry about their tax dollars enough to seek out the facts….”

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