And Here is Gordon Ridgways mass email for Cornwall Reply

Here is the email Gordon Ridgway sent out….Gordon based most of his support on the hiring of a “CORNWALL” principal and the assessment of the local board of education. I have been going to board meetings for four years now, and have not seen Gordon there once to witness what goes on at the board. If Gordon ran a meeting like Phil Hart..he would be voted out of office. And its interesting that Gordon talks about “elected” board members…although its good enough to elect local board members, Cornwall “appoints” it’s Region One Board member….support opening it up for election Mr. Ridgway.

Gordon Ridgway
Sent: Thu, May 30, 2013 8:56:46 AM
Subject: Yes

I hope the Region One education budget passes today. I believe the High School Board has amended its budget to meet the concerns expressed at its 5/20 meeting. Principal Harnett gave a convincing explanation of the class size/staffing issue. I have enjoyed working with Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain recently on the successful CCS Principal search and school security issues following the Newtown shootings. Furthermore I value the assessments of Cornwall’s elected school board members who have consistently given her high marks in their complicated work. I did not agree with her about the Obama speech issue five years ago, but I do not expect to agree with everyone at all times. A positive vote today will help HVRHS to return its focus to education, not division. Gordon Ridgway

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