A Perspective 2

In human activities of importance one thing matters above all else: effective leadership. It might not guarantee results, but without it, nothing much happens. We in Region One have current examples of this. The last two chairmen of the Regional Board of Education have been woefully inept when it comes to how to lead a board. I don’t mean what the board has done but rather their inability to treat all members with courtesy and respect and to work for consensus. Rather than being part of the solution to achieving an effective board they have made it ineffective. In each of the state’s school districts the education leader is the superintendent. That person is responsible for the successes based upon leadership and is also responsible for the failures based upon poor leadership. The seven schools in our region all have areas that need improvement, some dramatically so. That improvement is lacking under the lack of leadership of the current superintendent. The current board and superintendent cavalierly ignore the written and spoken concerns of students and voters. There is one place that those concerns cannot be silenced or ignored and that is the voting booth. In the fall elections voters have the opportunity to elect good people to our boards. As far as the budget goes the voting booth gives volume to the concerns of voters. The bottom line of the current proposed budget is not bad. A closer look at the details reveals concerns like cutting teachers and padding the money to administrators. What the voters are saying by rejecting the budget is we have serious concerns about what is going on in the Central Office and we want changes. Further evidence of the lack of ability on the part of board leadership and the administration is that they either cannot or will not hear that message.
– Craig Toensing


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