While Rome burns, the administration and board continue to fiddle…. 6

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FALLS VILLAGE — Claiming she has suffered emotional distress because of actions by Region 1 Board of Education member Gale C. Toensing, Assistant Superintendent Diane Goncalves has filed a lawsuit against her seeking damages in excess of $15,000. Toensing, who represents Falls Village on the regional school board, said Sunday that she had no comment.
The suit, which was delivered to Toensing at her home Saturday, makes several claims including defamation, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, interference with a contractual relationship and invasion of privacy.

The suit states that Goncalves is seeking compensatory damages including those for emotional distress and injury to her reputation, punitive damages, past and future lost wages and injury to her earning capacity, pre- and postjudgment interest and attorneys’ fees and costs. The Region 1 budget proposal, which after three rejections will go back to voters in a fourth referendum on July 23, includes a 2 percent raise that would bring her salary to $135,502.

This is the second lawsuit recently filed by persons affiliated with Region 1. Earlier this spring, Chamberlain’s executive secretary, Lucille Paige, sued Chamberlain, claiming she was denied her right to free speech, disciplined in retaliation for taking part in Pingpank’s investigation and physically assaulted during a confrontation over her private email. Paige is on administrative leave until Oct. 1.


  1. Are you serious? Diane has caused herself her own “emotional damage” by being one of the people who has driven Central Office and the Region One BOE into the hole that they are in. Resignations MUST happen immediately. How’s that saying go? “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I think that sums up the future of this administration and board unless there are a lot of major changes. The people of this region do not want nor deserve this nonsense. Enough is enough.
    ~ Josh Prause

  2. I would laugh my rear end off if her plan backfired and it was shown that she either ordered or protected Aeron Watson (Scott Fellows) when he harassed Gail.

  3. It’s no surprise that the turmoil in Region One is getting worse. The greedy and desperate administration is on the offense. If they’ve dug in, we have to excavate. One thing for sure, the person responsible for this turmoil is NOT Gale Toensing. It started and has to end with Patricia Chamberlain together with her assistant, Diane Goncalves. They got to go!!! The public must persist. NO VOTE to the Budget on July 23rd.
    Choo Singer

  4. This sort of thing called bullying is pervasive in all the administration, even special ed trying to force older teachers out.

    • Don’t forget who hired the Pupil Services director, Diane Goncalves. Who also was criticized for being anti-special education in Orange? Diane Goncalves. Who was allegedly hired by Patricia to do her dirty work through bullying? I think you get the trend here…..

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