1. this does not bode well for the region1 as a whole really time for the fat cat to head for the hills

  2. I believe Marshall’s assessment regarding the insurance deductible is correct. The two suits are separate, will have separate attorneys and therefore separate costs. If that reasoning is to be followed then there will be a $5000 deductible for Ms Paige’s suit and another $5000 deductible for the suit that Ms Gonclaves has brought against Ms Toensing. If the Region #1 “budget” is defeated today then the Board of Education has a responsibility to adjust the line item that deals with attorney costs and raise it appropriately.

  3. But where does the come from? Thin air, or maybe Region 1 should buy a lottery ticket and hope for the best.

  4. The lottery ticket is a great idea George, even though the odds are low! Seriously, though, the cost of the referendum is budgeted and there always seems to be enough to cover multiple referendums. It should be noted that the referendums have no direct costs to the towns. Each town submits its bill to Region #1 for its referendum costs. Sometimes, though, when you review Region #1’s annual proposed spending plan it is difficult to find the specifics of just where some things are budgeted. For instance, for years, unless you read the superintendent’s contract, which most folks, including a fair share of board members did not, you would have no idea that she had a sizable annuity tied to her salary. That item was buried in the secretarial pension line, which of course was inappropriate. Finally a few years ago a separate line was made to show that benefit. It took time and persistence to get that one little thing done. Makes you wonder what other costs are not as open as they should be!

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