A change coming in Cornwall? 1

Region One Report did not see Phil Harts name on the list of slates for Republican or Democrats for Region One Board Of education. A couple of telephone calls to WHDD informed us that Phil is retiring from the board come November.  If so, that would make two of the administrations ardent supporters are not coming back next year: Phil Hart, and Laura Freund (well, Laura can still primary, but she lost the Democratic nomination to run). That would make the list of those not coming back as:

Scooter Tedder from Salisbury

Phil Hart from Cornwall

Laura Freund from North Canaan (unless she primaries and wins)

Gale Toensing from Falls Village (retiring)

One comment

  1. I wouldn’t get too excited about Mr. Hart not running for the local Board of Education. Remember Cornwall’s Region #1 seat is appointed by the local board. I wonder if the Cornwall Board of Education’s bylaws allow appointment to the Region One seat outside the local Board of Education membership. If it does then Mr. Hart could still be their representative. If it doesn’t, I think you can be certain that the Board will appoint someone of a similar persuasion as Mr. Hart.

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