New Budget Meeting, Same Result…no real changes in the budget except $120,000.00 dollars to pay for the “settlement” of the litigation against our superintendent Reply

Numbers were moved around, take  this from there, put it here, take some from here, put it there, and pay $50,000.00 to “settle” the litigation against our superintendent (the total settlement was $120,000.00 but we taxpayers are only responsible for $50,000.00). Add it all up and its basically the same budget that you are voting on again that you have defeated 6 times already.  The question now arises…its probably wise at this point to reject the budget until the new board takes office in December. Then, show up at their first meeting and see if some changes can be made including the public’s input.  Oh well, lets sleep on that idea. The video of the special meeting to bail the superintendent out of litigation to the tune of $120,000.00, andmoney-1316097947 the video of the “rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic” budget meeting will be posted on-line and on CATV 6 by tomorrow night. We will also post it her on Region One Report.

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