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Before making his decision to run, Mr. Miles conferred with the FCC, which licenses his station, and the Salisbury Democratic Town Committee (DTC) in an effort to reach an accommodation that would embrace both his candidacy and his position at WHDD. In concert with FCC rules, Mr. Miles and the DTC agreed that he would not, during the campaign, editorialize on any Region 1 issue, not allow any telephone callers to comment on air about Region 1 issues; not promote appearances he might make while campaigning; would announce information about the Salisbury DTC’s candidate for the board of education, and would dissuade any guests on his Breakfast Club segment from making comments about Region 1.

Still, four area residents, Messrs. Cowgill and Mauer, Canaan Selectman Susie Clayton and Delores Perotti, chairman of the ABC [All Board Chairmen] Committee—an advisory board to the Region 1 Board of Education—appealed to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for a ruling about his candidacy.

“Miles has painted himself into quite a corner,” crowed blogger Terry Cowgill on his acerbic CT Devil’s Advocate site. “If he defies the ombudsman, whose opinion was rather emphatic, he could jeopardize his relationship with NPR. And that relationship is about the only thing his radio station has going for it. If he backs down from his candidacy, he will look like a knucklehead. Clearly, he’s already earned the latter designation, so suspending his candidacy will do the least damage to both him and what I affectionately call ‘the smallest-minded NPR station in the nation.’”

But Mr. Miles did the unexpected. After initial blasts at the CPB ombudsman on his website, Regiononereport, in which he pointed out mistakes he contended were in Mr. Kaplan’s report, Mr. Miles called the ombudsman. “I sent him a letter and then we had a great conversation. We decided to compromise. He agreed to re-write the report because there were several errors in it and I agreed that I would resign from being president of the nonprofit corporation. That takes away any conflict of interest perceived to arise from Corporation of Public Broadcasting rules,” the broadcaster said.

“What happened yesterday was what should happen in Washington, D.C.—two reasonable guys got together and compromised. We had a great discussion and both agreed this was right thing to do. It was a win, win, win for everyone. ”

Here is the agreemnet that the C.P.B. Ombudsman said would rectify any conflict of intrest for this election, and when I win, beyond 1

Here is the agreement that the C.P.B. Ombudsman said would rectify any conflict of interest for this election, and when I win, beyond. I will give up my  Presidency and operational control of the Non-Profit I founded in 2002. It worth the sacrifice to serve the public in helping fix the disaster that is The region One Board Of Education. It’s also called compromise.

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