’s story on the agreement between the C.P.B. Ombudsman anb Marshall Miles Reply


…Miles initially denounced the CPB ombudsman for weighing in “on prevailing issues you know nothing about,” but later decided to follow Kaplan’s advice after talking with him on the phone. “He and I did something that doesn’t happen in Washington,” Miles said, referring to his conversation with Kaplan. “We met in the middle ground and I’m happy about that.”….


….The code was drafted by local pubcasting leaders in 2011–12 through a CPB-backed project to update the field’s editorial standards and assist stations in defining their own ethical guidelines. Its recommendations were intended to be voluntary and adopted by local licensees at their discretion……


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And why should the budget have been defeated again you say? Read this. Reply

From today’s Litchfield County Times…..


Salisbury voters…this is why THE STATUS QUO IS NOT ACCEPTABLE

Hefty Pay Hikes in Region 1’s New Contract for Four Administrators

FALLS VILLAGE—Region 1 School District business manager Sam Herrick reported Tuesday  night to the ABC [All Board Chairs] Committee on the new three-year contract for four administrators—the principal and assistant principal at the high school, the director of pupil services and the supervisor of special education—that will bring hefty pay hikes.

When combined with the salaries for the superintendent of schools and assistant superintendent of schools, whose new three-year contract was negotiated this spring, the total cost for the district will reach about $1 million a year for six employees in a district of just under 1,700 students.

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