If only Terry knew the facts before spouting lies and inaccuracies! Reply

From Cowgill:

If it hasn’t already, that practice will have to stop, unless Miles wants to allow his school-board opponent, Jennifer Weigel, three hours per day under the FCC’s equal-time rule.


Here are the facts as AGREED TO by The Salisbury Democratic Committee (as allowed by FCC rules)…..


I, Marshall Miles, running as an independent petitioning candidate for the Salisbury Region One Board Of Education seat against the Democratic Candidate  do hereby agree to the following restrictions regarding on-air comments and commentary in-between September 1 2013 and November 5 2013:

1) I agree NOT to editorialize on any Region 1 issue in that time frame
2) I agree NOT to let any comments from telephone callers on-air WHDD on any Region 1 issue during this time frame.
3) I agree not to promote any appearances I might have regarding campaigning for the Region One Board seat on-air during this time frame.
4) I agree to announce any information the Salisbury Democratic Town Committee presents me regarding their candidate for Region One Board Of  Education ( meet and greets, press releases, etc.)
5) I agree that if and when any guests, or telephone callers to WHDD on the Breakfast Club start to talk about Region One issues in this time frame, I will inform them that I can not comment due to my agreement with the Salisbury Democratic Town Committee, and that I can not take their call on-air.


Sorry Terry, and by the way Terry….read the disclaimer on the  CPB Ombudsman site…

The views expressed in these reports are solely those of the author and are not to be regarded as those of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, its board of directors, officers, or employees.


Sorry Terry, John and Sue…I continue to run and I will campaign to win.forumflyer185


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